A Very Suspicious Death: What REALLY Happened To The Beloved Man Ebu Sarr?! (First Post)

by Anna

It’s been over 3 years since his death (may he rest in peace). Is there any “new” information as to what occurred and how this tragedy happened? What did they find from the autopsy? Can’t seem to find any follow-up information to this case so if anyone knows anything please do tell.

Ebu was a wonderful man, one of the most kind and sincere people I’ve ever met, and it really saddens that it appears as though the police have given up on finding out what really happened. I would see him almost daily at the gas station and we would always chat about this and that for a few moments and he often would help me with my car (switch out a lightbulb, pour in washing fluid/oil, etc.). He is greatly missed and I hope his family will have closure to his passing sooner than later. I, for one, think about him all the time, and every time I pass the gas station (almost daily) he worked at.

It breaks my heart that there hasn’t been more effort given to find out what really happened, how he was burned, and who set off the fire alarm causing him to drive from VA to MD in the first place. In my opinion, I find his death EXTREMELY¬†suspicious and therefore have created this blog in a way to organize various information pertaining to his case I sift through on the great world wide web. His family and him deserve sooooo much more, though.

This is a clip from July 2009

Police: Crash Didn’t Cause Minivan Fire Nor Death of Ebrima Sarr

Police: Crash Didn’t Cause Minivan Fire Nor Death of Man